Gloves You Can Always Rely On.

GorillaGloves™ was founded in the USA with an ambitious goal:
To provide outdoor enthusiasts with an extremely durable glove that offers reliable protection for their hands during any activity.

After years of development and optimization, we are now proud to present you:
GorillaGloves™ - Ultra Durable Tactical Gloves


Customer Testimonials

What should I say? These gloves probably saved me from losing a finger. I do martial arts, and although the saber was blunt, it made a serious dent in the glove. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I wore these gloves that day.

Gorge. L.

They are very breathable and comfortable even after several hours of wearing. I often got wounds from sharp rocks when it got a little more intense. Thats why I really don't want to miss these anymore. 

Anthony. B.

I got these for my husband and he absolutely loves them. He wears them for just about anything. As soon as he wears them, he gets into badass mode. 

Lara K.

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