About Us

Welcome to GorillaGloves™. We are Mic and George and we founded GorillaGloves™ together in 2016 with an ambitious goal: to provide our customers with an extremely durable glove that protects your hands during almost every activity.

Realizing this mission was really more difficult than you might think. We had to use many prototypes and many different approaches to make the glove perfect. We have taken special care to ensure that the glove can withstand extreme conditions such as heat and cold, cuts and strong impacts, and is still suitable for as many different activities as possible.
We are proud to present:

Gorilla Gloves Protective Outdoor Gloves.

With GorillaGloves we want one thing in particular: that you can live out your passion, fully protected without sacrificing mobility. 

We have designed the glove so that it is particularly suitable for the following areas:
  • Motorcycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Working outdoor
  • Hunting
  • Construction & Mechanics

We hope you enjoy GorillaGloves and keep your hands protected while doing what you love.


 Mic and George, Founder of GorillaGloves